Case Studies

Case Studies

We work with a wide variety of individuals and businesses on a wide range of projects and building services across Edinburgh.

Case Study 1

Rising Damp

Mr & Mrs Miller – Edinburgh 

We were called in because Mr & Mrs Miller suspected there might be a problem with damp in their house.  Using modern damp proof detection equipment in the hallway and bedroom we quickly found the source of the problem.

We moved all the furniture, lifted the carpets and stripped the walls to a height of 1 metre.   We then injected damp proofing into the brickwork and then, to ensure a high quality finish, we re-plastered the entire wall area, renewed the skirting and door frames, painted the hall and bedroom and finally, replaced the furniture and carpets.

Case Study 2

Domestic Extension

Mr & Mrs Fagan – Livingston

This was a modern building to which we added an extension turning a fairly standard, 3 bedroom detached house into a 4 bedroom house.  This included creating a new family bathroom, an en suite bathroom, a study, in addition to a new boiler and heating system.  This changed the appearance, adding value and more importantly, creating a fantastic new living space for the family.

Case Study 3

Kitchen/Dining Room Conversion

Mr & Mrs Thomson – Edinburgh

The brief was to create a new, practical space with lots of light.  This was an eighty year old house with a north facing, galley kitchen and a separate dining room which was seldom used.  Mr & Mrs Thomson wanted to create a bright, social and family space which would form the heart of the property.

We worked closely with the architect who created the original design and we knocked down two walls to bring light into the room.  Our structural engineer produced detailed drawings of the steel beams required to ensure the integrity of the roof and a large chimney stack which was being retained.  We fitted a new kitchen, installed extensive lighting, re-plastered the walls, levelled the floors and completed the job with a full painting and decorating service.

Case Study 4


Mr& Mrs Ellis – Edinbugh

The aim was to add 30% more space to Mr & Mrs Ellis’s very successful retail grocery premises.  This was a big project involving structural work, damp proofing, fitting out a professional kitchen and bakery and high quality shop fitting.

The work required 3 tons of steel and 9 tons of propping equipment to maintain the safety and security of the 4 storey tenement above the shop and we damp proofed the basement to create a secure and dry storage area.

Organising the architectural drawings, building warrants plus gas, electricity and water supplies to the building was all part of the project as was ensuring a high quality finish to the units, walls and flooring.

We installed walk in fridges, cold counters, ovens and ventilation and, when we had finished, what started as a simple shop was now a delicatessen with a cafe, a bakery, toilets, and storage.

Throughout the work we sealed off the original shop to enable Mr & Mrs Ellis to continue to trade and the project was brought in on time, on budget and with minimal disruption.

Case Study 5


Mr & Mrs Browne – Columba Road – Edinburgh

Mr & Mrs Browne had already had their attic converted but now they needed new Velux windows and a completely new roof on their traditional bungalow.

We stripped off the old pan tiles, checked the timbers and replaced some which were suffering from rot.  We then added ventilation to ensure all the roof timbers remained sound and damp free, we installed six Velux windows and fitted new tiles over the entire roof.

Case Study 6

Commercial Building Contract

Mr Paterson – Synergy Group Fitness – Livingston

We were contracted to renovate and develop a fitness club called Synergy, based in Livingston. This was a big project that required a range of electrical, plumbing and joinery work to be completed.

On initial consultation, it was clear that we required the help of an architect to draw up detailed plans for the development. We were quickly able to establish potential issues with the roofing and advised Synergy to raise this quickly with the landlord so that they avoided any issues with their lease, or unforeseen costs further down the line.

We improved the access to the property and also created a new wet room, changing facilities, office area, chiropractors treatment and therapy rooms, as well as fitness studios. A high quality finish was achieved throughout.

We are delighted with the finished results. The work was completed on time and on budget with a minimum of disruption. We also helped Synergy avoid future repair costs by advising them appropriately right from the start of the project. To view a detailed case study of the work, including images, please click here.

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