Shopfitting – The Importance of Hiring the Right Company


Get an experienced hand to handle your shopfitting

Whether you’re planning your first store, refitting an existing one or moving into new premises, taking on a shopfitting project can be complex. There is a range of different factors that need to be taken into account in order for the work to be successful. These all have the aim of bringing customers into the store and then enticing them to stay and buy something.

How you approach the initial shopfitting work can go a long way to achieving this success. Here are the main areas that you should be thinking about when you start work on a new shopfitting project.

One of the most vital parts of creating a new store is to ensure that customers can easily access it. The entrance should be visible, and if you have a car park there needs to be a clear pathway to it. It’s essential that you consider disabled access, as well as the needs of other vulnerable groups, including parents with pushchairs and the elderly.

The most efficient method of directing people to the store and then enabling them to find their way around is through signage. As well as having a practical element, signage will also make your store more visually attractive and bring in elements of the brand design. You can utilise the colours, theme and style of the brand and logo to draw all areas of the business together.

It’s vital that the layout of the store is considered at the earliest opportunity. Otherwise you could be left with a superb-looking store that customers can’t navigate their way around. Consumers don’t want to spend time hunting for everything they require, so you need to make it easy for them to locate products and find their way round your store. The first issue is to entice them in, so the entrance area needs to be attractive. Once they’ve entered the store, you need to keep them shopping by providing a free-flowing layout that makes wandering around it a pleasure. An expert shopfitting company will be able to provide valuable support in this area.

The lighting within a store is not always seen as essential, but it’s important to factor this into the planning phase. Lighting helps to set the atmosphere of the store and provides it with the right ambience. You should choose your lighting type wisely. One of the most energy-efficient and durable options is LED lighting, which also provides a bright form of light.

When you’re deciding on a flooring type, you need to consider the flow of traffic through the store. Different areas will have their own requirements, so it’s unlikely that one specific type will suit the entire building. Heavy-duty areas, such as the shop floor, will require a durable material that is easy to clean, but staff facilities might not have as much use.

If you plan your shopfitting work correctly, the project will be more successful and more likely to finish on budget. Call A&J Building for a shopfitting quote on 01506 437 771, we have he experience and knowledge to deliver a first class project.