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Making the decision to take on retail premises or re-design an existing one is a stressful process. When it comes to planning a shop-fit, it’s important to take account of all the areas involved. The more time you spend preparing for the work, the better the final outcome will be. It will enable you to keep to time and budget and make it easier to brief the shopfitting service.

Benefits of Using a Specialist Service
Shopfitting is never going to be particularly cheap, but often people presume they can do the work themselves for less. In some instances this could be true, but in other situations it can end up costing more due to mistakes and time pressures.

A specialist shopfitting service can work out to be a cost-effective solution. They understand the market, and the experience they have means they are more wary of the potential issues you might face. They can provide help with all stages of the process, from the design and planning through to managing the build and liaising with the various contractors. They also have access to all the necessary equipment and can negotiate special deals with suppliers.

Before you start work, you need to look at the space available and how this can best be used for your requirements. Look at the space from the view of a customer, as everything from the layout to the colour scheme can influence how they spend money. This should be completed first to reduce the amount you spend because of mistakes or doing unnecessary work. You need to ensure you know exactly what you want before you begin, and this will enable you to brief the shopfitting service more effectively.

Look at the Details
You should discuss everything that you want included in the shop with the building company. This includes the type and style of flooring, the colour of paint to be used and the style of furniture required. When making out a list, put the items in order of importance so they understand what to focus on first. This will ensure that nothing gets missed and it can all be allocated for in the budget.

Check the Timing
The schedule of works is extremely important for any type of retail outlet. You need to understand when the work will be finished so you can plan the opening. By working closely with your contractors, you can manage the process so that the work runs smoothly and keeps to schedule. This is why it’s important to factor in all the details initially, so that everyone understands exactly what’s required.

Keep in Touch
It’s vital to keep the lines of communication with your builders open. This will make them more likely to come to you with any issues and ensure that the work stays on track. By making regular visits to the site and arranging progress meetings, you’ll be ready to open once the work is completed.

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