Professional Building Company Vs. DIY

Professional Building Company

Should I enlist the help of a professional building company?

All homeowners want to have a beautiful and stylish property to come home to or showcase to visitors. At some point, we’ve all been tempted to tackle some areas of DIY ourselves, and these may have ended up being a disaster. In fact, incomplete or poor DIY could actually reduce your home’s value, and sometimes it would be cheaper and safer to use expert help from the beginning.

Often homeowners will carry out work in order to freshen up their property before marketing it for sale. However, if this isn’t carried out correctly, it could do more harm than good. Information from a survey for TrustMark, a government-backed trades scheme, has highlighted that 90% of buyers would put in a lower offer if they found poorly completed work in a property. In over 50% of cases they would actually pull out of a sale if they weren’t satisfied with the quality of the work.

If this results in a lower offer price or the sale falls through, it could have an effect on your ability to purchase your next home. The research found that poor DIY work could actually reduce the value of your home by around 11% for an average property. This would likely negate any financial savings of doing the work yourself in the first place.

Be Aware of Your Limitations
When DIY work has been carried out successfully, you can feel extremely positive. However, the exact opposite can be true if the work goes wrong or isn’t finished to the highest standards. As a property owner, you need to understand exactly how far your skills will stretch and have the confidence to call for expert help when it’s necessary. This doesn’t have to mean that you’re admitting defeat – it means that you’re confident and mature enough to know when a project is beyond your capabilities. If you do your research properly and find the best price for the work, you could actually be saving money rather than having to pay extra when work needs re-doing.

It’s critical that you employ qualified trades people for certain areas of property maintenance, including where electrical work or gas is involved. These are highly skilled and dangerous areas to work within if you don’t understand exactly what you’re doing. You could cause safety issues if it’s carried out incorrectly, which is why there are specific trade schemes that qualified people can sign up to. If you don’t do this, you could be damaging the value of your home. The TrustMark research found that 40% of buyers would be put off a property if any of the wiring was on show.

If you’re tempted to carry out any DIY work, it’s important that you assess the situation properly before starting. If you’re in any doubt about exactly what you’re doing, then it would be wise to call for professional assistance. Call A&J Building on 01506 437 771 or email