Problems with drainage?

Drainage Solutions

A&J are here to help you with drainage solutions before they become a major issue could save you both time and money in the future.

If water is able to get into the foundations of a property, it could cause serious issues. Sorting these out can also help the exterior of your home look more appealing. There are some signs that you can check for that could indicate you have an issue with drainage around the property.

Signs of a Problem
Look around the exterior of your property at regular intervals to see any obvious signs of damp. You should be aware of any damp patches, cracks that have become bigger and moisture issues around the foundations or in the basement. If you see spots of mould or notice a damp smell within the house, it could be the start of a problem. It’s not always obvious where these problems have originated from. If you’re in any doubt as to how to resolve a damp problem, it’s best to seek professional advice. They can get to the root of the problem and reduce the chance of any further damage being caused to the property.

Water Drainage
When it has rained particularly heavily, you should see how the water drains through the soil. It will generally be absorbed into the soil fairly quickly, which indicates that your drainage is adequate. However, if this isn’t happening and it tends to collect in areas, you could have an issue. A specialist company will understand all the right methods to ensure that any excess water drains away properly. Water that collects too close to the exterior walls could begin to cause damage to the overall structure of a property.

Maintain Guttering
As the guttering on a property is generally out of sight, most home owners don’t pay enough attention to maintaining it. This is one of the most important channels for draining water away from your home, so it’s crucial that it doesn’t become blocked or overflow. Make sure that the gutters and drainage outlets are cleared out regularly to remove leaves and the build-up of other debris. If there are any broken sections, these should be repaired to prevent any leaks. A correctly functioning drainage system should be diverting water away from the house efficiently.

Left unchecked, drainage problems can become a major and costly inconvenience for home owners. There are usually cheap and simple measures that can be put in place to minimise the chance of flooding or the problems caused by standing water. For expert advise on how to protect your home from problems with drainage, call A&J Building on 01506 437 771 or email