The Problem with Damp

Remove Damp

The Building Services team at A&J are here to help remove damp from your home or property.

Problems with damp are not just confined to unsightly patches on a property. They can also be a serious health hazard if they’re left to develop. It’s important to have any problems with damp dealt with straight away, before they become any worse. Many householders don’t realise the full extent of the problems and leave the issue to fester for too long. There are simple methods to prevent damp in the first place, but if you already have an issue, it’s not too late to sort it out.

Health Problems
There is a range of health issues related to damp in a property. It can lead to allergies and the development of symptoms similar to colds and flu. Damp houses can be especially problematic for those with asthma and other respiratory difficulties. There is also evidence that damp can be linked to depression.

Causes of Damp
A small area of damp is not necessarily the sign of a bigger problem, but it could develop into something major if left. Moisture builds up in a property, and if there is no means of escape, it will be lead to mould forming on walls and other surfaces. Areas that are particularly prone to mould are bathrooms, kitchens and windows where condensation builds up. Modern homes are generally well insulated, which leads to fewer gaps for ventilation.

Preventing Damp Problems
There are simple ways that are effective at preventing the build-up of damp and maintaining a healthier environment.

Ensure that your property is well maintained, so there are no areas where moisture can be left to develop. It’s vital to clear gutters and pipes where a build-up of water could penetrate into the house. Also reseal any joints that are leaking. Insulate any cold areas of the house, such as the walls, to prevent condensation from forming.

Do regular checks around the property yourself to look for any obvious signs of damp or sections that need repairing. You should also have a specialist company do a more thorough check every couple of years. If you see a problem, don’t leave it to get worse. The sooner you have the issue fixed, the easier and potentially cheaper it will be.

Wipe up areas of condensation from around windows or other areas, so that mould can’t develop. Ventilate certain rooms, such as the bathroom and kitchen, and don’t block up the air vents. Replace any worn-out seals around the bath and shower.

Even with preventative measures, there are still times when damp will develop. It’s important to have a specialist company like A&J Building to assess the problem and take the right measures to resolve it. We specialise in a range of treatments and can also carry out damp-proofing. Call 01506 437 771 or email