Creating an Outdoor Space: The Perfect Patio

Patio Ideas

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Choosing the right materials for your patio is an important decision. If you’re making an investment in your garden area, then you want it to be something that you can work with and that will last for many years.

Stone patios are a good choice, as they can be cost-effective and offer homeowners longevity. Within this sector there are a number of different choices and it’s important to consider which the right one for you is. This will largely be based on factors such as your budget, the amount of maintenance required, the existing foundations and what you’ll be using the area for. For example, if you want a patio largely for dining on, then you’ll need to have a level and stable surface on which to position the table and chairs. The design also needs to work with the existing surroundings, including the buildings and landscape.

This is a cost-effective choice for patio slabs, which is why it’s one of the most popular choices for homeowners. Even though sandstone patios are commonly found in this country, there are still ways in which you can make yours unique. The slabs are available in a range of colours, with options such as grey and cream, along with a number of different surface textures. They can be bought in a choice of sizes, enabling you to create a design using just a single size or a range to create a more random design. All the sandstone options achieve a high level of slip resistance, providing a safe haven for families.

This is a type of sandstone that is native to the UK and provides users with an extremely long life span. These types of slabs can be used in both a contemporary design and a more traditional manner. As well as purchasing new stones, you can also pick up reclaimed ones. These are a good option if you’re using a random pattern, as they are often not available in uniform sizes. They also tend to be slightly more slippery, as the surface has been worn down. However, by using reclaimed stones you can add a certain degree of character to the patio that you wouldn’t be able to achieve with new slabs.

Natural Stones
Natural flagstones, such as limestone, granite or basalt, are a more costly option. They also require a textured surface to prevent them from being too slippery. This can be done through either sandblasting or bush-hammering, which puts dents into the slabs that will act as grips. These types of stones are often fairly dull when used alone, but they can be combined with brighter slabs to create a different effect.

If you’re thinking about having a new patio, then we can help you create exactly the design you’re looking for. We’ll liaise with suppliers to find the perfect type of stones and have them expertly fitted so that your patio provides you with many happy years.

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