Make Time for Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

For a property maintenance service that will help to keep your home look it’s best contact the building services team at A&J today

Hopefully, the summer is finally on its way and we can start to make the most of the warmer weather. This is the perfect time to tackle all those maintenance jobs that got left during the winter. By getting all this work completed now, you can ensure your property looks good and reduce the risk of any damage occurring.

Check Your Roofing
The winter storms might have caused more damage than you can see from the ground. It’s important to give the roof a really thorough and close inspection. Get on to the roof and check for any lose or missing tiles, as these can be the cause of leaks and damp. While you’re on the roof you should examine the flashing around the vents and the chimney.

Clear Guttering and Drains
Moss, leaves and other debris can build up in gutters and drains, blocking the flow of the water. If you don’t clear this out regularly, it can lead to damp problems and potentially cause damage to the property.

Spot Those Leaks
Even small leaks in the pipe work can quickly become a major issue if they’re not dealt with straight away. Look for any leaks outside and be aware of any signs of water damage inside. If you spot anything that you think needs investigating further, it’s best to have it checked by a professional. They can assess the situation and fix any necessary areas before the problem gets worse.

A Fresh Coat of Paint
The warmer weather is the best time to paint any external elements of your property, including windows, doors and brickwork. This will help you to achieve a longer-lasting finish, as the surface won’t be damp when the paint is applied.

Have Your Heating Serviced
Your boiler and heating system will have worked hard over the winter months. Even though you won’t be using it as much over the summer, it’s actually the best time to have it serviced. You don’t want to find that it doesn’t work when you switch it on again and engineers will have more availability at the moment. If they do find any problems, you will have longer to resolve the issues rather than it being an emergency situation. Any work carried out on gas appliances must be completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Create an Outdoor Space
Whatever the size of your garden, you can still manage to fit in a patio or decking area. This will help to create a designated space that you can use for dining, entertaining, relaxing or for the children to play in. It can be as simple or as elaborate as your space and budget allow.

Taking care of all those little jobs isn’t just about keeping up your property’s appearance. It will also ensure that your home is protected from the elements, limiting the impact of any damage.

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