Creating the Perfect Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel

Whatever the size of your bathroom, you can still create a relaxing environment with a little bit of clever planning and our bathroom remodel service.

By using the right design tips and choosing furniture that suits the style and size of the room, you can fit in all the essentials without making it appear small and cluttered.

Making the Best Use of the Space
Having a small bathroom doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Many of today’s new-build properties have smaller bathrooms, but you can still accommodate everything you want if you consider all the options. There is now a wide range of space-saving fittings and accessories available which will help you make the most of the space you have. This includes corner baths and basins or wall-hung features.

Clever Storage
One of the biggest problems with a small bathroom can be the lack of any storage space. There is always a need for lots of products in the bathroom, but having them all on show or round the side of the bath can make it look untidy. A good option is to fit cupboards beneath the basin, as this is generally a dead space and the doors will help to hide the unsightly pipe work as well. If you have an inset space in the bathroom, then you can fit cabinets or shelves into this area. They won’t be protruding out of the wall, making it easier to move around the room. Another option for storage is to install shelving the wall toilet.

A Bath or Shower?
If lack of space is a major problem, then it can be hard to decide whether to install a bath, shower or a combination of the two. For bathrooms where there is enough space, being able to have an additional walk-in shower and a separate bath is definitely the preferred option. However, this isn’t always practical, so a good-quality power shower over the bath is the next best thing. Shower doors or screens are more hygienic and easier to clean than a curtain. The clear glass also makes the room appear larger.

Bring in the Experts
Installing a new bathroom requires a range of different skills, including plumbing, electrical work and tiling. Most people are not sufficiently competent enough in them all to do a professional job. Therefore it’s worthwhile hiring professionals to do the work. This can still be achieved within your budget and it will ensure a professional finish and reduce the risk of any problems arising because of the quality of the work.

The bathroom might be one of the smallest rooms in the house, but by spending a little bit of time and effort on the design aspects, you can create your own little space in which to relax and unwind. For expert advice on bathroom design, or any other building project or property maintenance issue, call A&J Building on 01506 437 771.