The Benefits of a Cloakroom


Cloakroom Installation

A cloakroom installation can offer you a practical solution and is more convenient, especially for family homes or when guests are staying

The majority of new-build properties today have at least two bathrooms installed. This doesn’t have to take up a huge amount of space, and there are many areas within a home where one can be retro-fitted.

Benefits of a Cloakroom
A downstairs toilet or cloakroom can bring a number of benefits to a property. It increases the number of facilities that are available, which is especially important if you have a growing family. It avoids the need for children or guests to be go up and down stairs to use the bathroom.

In today’s competitive property market, a cloakroom can make your home more saleable if you’re looking to move. It’s often a feature that many buyers are looking for, but it can appear time-consuming and costly to have one installed. If a home already has more than one bathroom, a buyer might choose that over a house where they’d have to fit it themselves.

Where to Fit a Cloakroom
You can actually fit a useable cloakroom in a much smaller space than you might think. Popular areas for them include under the stairs, in a small section of the garage or off the kitchen. If you’re not careful, they can start to feel cramped, so you need to make the best use of the space available. Consider the layout of the room, particularly with regards to how the door opens and accessing the facilities.

Designing a Cloakroom
Building a successful cloakroom is all about researching the products that are available and choosing the most appropriate ones for your room. There are specific suites that have been designed for smaller bathrooms that are in proportion and don’t look out of place.

Utilising the corners will free up more space and enable users to move around the room more easily. This can include corner toilet units or sinks, which include built-in storage facilities as well. If you don’t want a corner unit, you can choose from slimmer units that don’t jut out too far.

Traditional shower enclosures can take up too much space for a small cloakroom. However, there are benefits to having one fitted. If there is not enough practical space, then fitting a wet room might be a solution. These use less space as there is no restrictive structure to fit in.

Once the units are installed, how you decorate the room can also make it feel bigger. Opt for brighter shades across the floors and walls to open up the room, and focus on making the most of any natural light you have.

Installing a bathroom requires a number of specialist areas, including plumbing and electrics. It’s vital that you have the right type of expert help and advice to ensure that everything is fitted correctly. At A&J Building we can offer a complete design service as well as take care of the installation. Call today on 01506 437 771 or email