Adding Value to your Property

Building Conversions

Whether you’re considering moving in the near future or have a long-term plan, adding value to your property can only be beneficial. There are some home improvements or building conversions that can have a positive effect on your home’s value, as well as enhancing the living space.

Here we look at the most effective ways of doing so by extending your home or making better use of the space available.

Loft Conversions
If the space is available in your loft, then this is an ideal location for a property conversion. Depending on the style and size of your home, it could easily accommodate an additional bedroom or bathroom, which could eliminate the need to move house if you have a growing family. The work required for a loft conversion doesn’t cause as much disruption as some other forms of conversions or extensions. One of the prime considerations for this type of project is the access that will be required internally. You also need to ensure that the conversion is in keeping with the rest of the property, so it doesn’t look out of place.

When you’re looking to enhance the downstairs living space, a conservatory can be an effective solution. It’s crucial to discuss the overall design of the conservatory with your builder. This will help it to look part of the house rather than simply fixed on to the side or back. It’s vital that the extension fits in with the style of the property, whether this is a traditional country home or a contemporary urban townhouse. You can help to achieve a flow from the new conservatory to the rest of the lower floor by using the same type of flooring throughout.

Garage Conversions
Today many garages have become redundant and are simply used for storage rather than keeping cars in. This means that they are wasted, whereas they could be used to add to the overall space within the property. A garage conversion can be designed as a family living space or a dining area or to create an open-plan kitchen. You will need to discuss the options with your builder, but there’s the possibility of converting the existing garage or you could knock this down and build a new extension on to the property.

Create a Parking Space
If you don’t have a garage or it’s used for other purposes, creating an additional parking space at the front of your property could be beneficial. Many households today have two cars, but properties were not always designed with this in mind. If parking is an issue on your street, you could consider paving the front space to accommodate your cars. Before doing so, you should think about the pros and cons and decide whether this will be of value to you.

Whatever type of building work you decide to carry out, it’s important to seek advice from a reputable and professional company. They will understand any issues or complications that could arise and undertake the work in a safe manner. Call A&J Building today on 01506 437 771 or email