Get the right advice when fixing a roof

At A&J Building, we have the experienced Edinburgh Roofers with the expertise to do able to handle any construction and roof repair requirements

If you require some work completing on your roof, it’s essential that you get advice from the right source. There are many building companies around that will try and sell you a service that you don’t actually need. However, there are also plenty of reliable and trustworthy companies that will do the right work at the right price.

Why Is It Important to Get the Right Advice?

Whether you simply need a few tiles replacing or a completely new roof, you need to know that you can trust the company you employ to do only the work that’s necessary. You have to rely on them not to suggest work that doesn’t need doing, simply to make themselves some additional money. If you get advice from an experienced source, then they will deal with you in a more professional manner and only do the jobs that are needed.

Done to Budget and on Time

Builders often have a bad image of not turning up on time and regularly going over budget. However, this only happens in a minority of cases and the majority of professional and experienced builders can be relied upon. Building work can be costly, but you don’t want to have any nasty surprises at the end of the job when the bill is substantially more than expected. A trustworthy builder will let you know immediately if there are going to be any extra costs or if they run into problems which could delay the project.

Do Your Research

In order to find one of these professional building companies, you need to do the right research. It’s vital that you don’t just pick the first name you find, as otherwise you won’t know what else is available. The best way of finding a reliable builder is to ask for recommendations from friends or family. If anyone has had some roofing work done recently, ask who they worked with and if they did a good job. This way you will know something about the quality of their work beforehand. If you have to do your own research, make sure you ask for references and go and speak with previous customers and check the standard of the work they did.

When you’ve chosen a shortlist, you need to get at least three quotes. This will enable you to compare the different costs, see exactly what work they’re all quoting for and the quality of the materials they’ll be using. The cheapest quote isn’t always the best option, as this could indicate they’re using lower-quality products or aren’t as experienced. Look into all the details before you commission the work.

A & J Building can carry out a wide range of roofing jobs, from repairs and maintenance to re-roofing flat or tiled roofs. We offer free estimates and advice and don’t suggest unnecessary work. If you’re in need of the right advice, call A & J Building on 01506 437 771.