Practical design ideas for your home

Home Design Ideas

When working on new home design ideas for any living area, it would be great to create the same sensation to make any room a pleasure to be in.

We have all experienced walking into a room and feeling immediately captivated and drawn to the space.  Before undertaking renovation work, following a few design tips will help you create a space you feel comfortable in, and that you can enjoy for a long time to come. 


Make a well-thought-out, functional plan of your room.  Your aim is to create a comfortable, welcoming space so don’t fill every inch of your plan with furniture. Navigating the room shouldn’t be like completing an obstacle course! It is important to define your needs so that the space functions well. Design it for everyday use, not for celebrations such as Christmas. If you only need to seat 12 people once a year, don’t make this your priority when designing the space.


Lighting a room is very important and can make a real difference in how you feel. Our tip would be to add more lighting than you think you need, and mix the type of lighting you install.  Adding a variety of lights along with dimmer switches can help you achieve the right ambience you require on any given occasion.


Embrace the need for storage. Every household, not matter what size, requires good storage space to keep all of the things we accumulate over time tidied away. There are so many good options for space saving storage, with a little thought you can create a room free from clutter.


Try out new floor plan possibilities by moving existing furnishings, and try living with the new arrangement for a while. If you don’t like it, change it! Before undertaking a re-fit, make sure you’re comfortable with the potential end results.


When designing your interior it is important to use a variety of materials and finishes, don’t be too concerned about everything matching, everything shouldn’t go together as this runs the risk of looking bland. You should aim to give the space personality, not make it look like a retail showroom. Adding carefully selected artwork and family photos can help put your own stamp on any room.

Your goal is to make your home as comfortable, functional and attractive as possible, and that can be accomplished by good design and planning. A & J Building offer a full design service on all building work we carry out, and have many years of experience creating the perfect living space that you and your family will want to come home to. Call us today on 01506 437 771 to see how we can help you create your dream home.