Designing the perfect kitchen

Everyone wants the perfect kitchen: that wonderful family space where you can relax, cook delicious meals, enjoy lots of natural light and have plenty of space to sit, eat and cook.

The perfect kitchen can be something that everyone can enjoy and it does not have to cost the earth. In fact, often a simple rearrangement of furniture and a clever storage system can work wonders on the smallest of kitchens. It helps to have good-quality fittings and, of course, the advice of a design expert.

Utilising Space Effectively

The most important part of designing the perfect kitchen is utilising the space effectively. Even small kitchens can be redesigned to make the most of the room available. You can usually fit cupboards into a kitchen to give more storage space for large items such as blenders, slow cookers, liquidisers and toasted-sandwich makers. These items can clutter up a working surface, making the room appear smaller and messier. Having all these kitchen implements out in full view also means you have less space to work when cooking or preparing food.

Once all the items have been carefully put away in cupboards, it is time to think about creating more storage space with shelves. There is usually space for a shelf or two where you can store plates and mugs, or if it is a shelf nicely out the way you can even use it to store non-perishables such as tinned goods, jars and packets. Another excellent storage solution is to install a Sheila maid, a solution often used for drying clothes but extremely useful for kitchens too. The Sheila is a series of wooden bars suspended by a rope pulley, which you can use to store all your cooking pans, sieve, colander, large spoons and whatever else has a hook attached. When you need the items, you let the Sheila down, and when you have finished, you hoist it up to the ceiling again, out of the way. 

Contemporary or Modern?

Even with all these great storage solutions in place, your kitchen needs to look right alongside the rest of your property. A modern home needs a contemporary kitchen utilising modern-looking taps and having plenty of chrome and bold colours and sleek shapes. On the other hand, a traditional home needs a more rustic kitchen, with traditional taps and a large sink, using plenty of wood in the cupboards and, if there is space, a traditional kitchen table made from solid oak. These are just a few ideas that can complement your home.

Expert Advice

There are so many factors that can affect the look of your kitchen, from cupboard doorknobs to tap designs, and lighting solutions to flooring and accessories. Whatever storage solutions and fittings you prefer, the advice of an expert can be invaluable. A&J offer a full service to help you find your perfect kitchen, including advising on the right look for your home in addition to tiling, plastering, painting, electrical work, plumbing and all installations.

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