Choose a building company with an experienced project manager

When you’re pricing up construction work, it’s important to choose a building company who deliver strong project management support.

A good project manager will help you get your building work completed on time and on budget, and relieve you of the stress of overseeing the work yourself. 

Role of a Project Manager

Whatever the size of the project you’re working on, a project manager can provide you with a number of benefits. Before the actual work even gets under way, they can offer assistance, especially regarding planning. A project manager will look at all the different aspects of the work and schedule in appropriate contractors, as well as ensuring the work is carried out safely and according to any legal obligations.

When the work commences, they will manage the whole project and be your eyes and ears on the site when you cannot be there. They will help to ensure that everything turns up on time, that tasks are completed to schedule and that materials are delivered when they’re required. A project manager helps to bring the rest of the team together. 

Cost Savings

You might imagine that working with a building company who utilise a project manager will end up costing you more, but in actual fact they can help you to save money. By having their eye on the budget they will ensure that you don’t spend money unnecessarily and will stop the costs escalating. They will also be looking closely at the work that is carried out, so that it’s done right first time. This means that you won’t have to spend additional money to put mistakes right. A strong project manager will have plenty of contacts in the industry, including good relationships with suppliers and contractors. They might be able to negotiate better deals with these than you could yourself; reducing the amount of money you have to pay out.

On Schedule

It’s vital that a construction project runs to schedule, otherwise it could end up costing you more in additional labour and other services. With the help of a project manager you can ensure that all the work is done on time. There are many different elements of any building project and the project manager can check that all components are running to time. Any delays, however small and insignificant they might appear, could have a huge impact on the rest of the project.

High Standards

If you can’t be on site all the time, then it can be hard for you to keep a check on exactly what’s going on and the quality of the work. A project manager can be there all the time and see what is happening. They are able to check every small detail to ensure that nothing is being covered up.

A project manager shouldn’t just be seen as an expense. They should be considered for their many merits instead. By hiring a building company with a strong project manager, you can ensure that your work is carried out on schedule and to budget and achieves the highest standards possible.

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