5 Key Steps to Managing a Successful Renovation Project

A renovation can make your home a more desirable prospect for buyers or a more delightful place to   Set Yourself Clear Goals   You need to have a clear   Set Yourself a Realistic Budget   Once you know   Get Professional Plans Drawn Up   Big projects in   Find the Right Contractor   Once you have your   Execute Your Contract You need to make sure that   Once you’ve prepared the groundwork in this way, you’re ready to go[...]

Shopfitting - The Importance of Hiring the Right Company


Get an experienced hand to handle your shopfitting Whether you’re planning your first How you approach the initial shopfitting work can go a long way to achieving this success. Here are Access One of the most vital parts of creating a new store is to ensure that Signage The most efficient method of directing people to the store and then enabling them to Layout It’s vital that the layout of the store is considered at the earliest opportunity Lighting The lighting within a store is not always seen as essential, but it’s important Flooring When you’re deciding on a flooring type, you need to consider the flow of If you plan your shopfitting work correctly, the project will be more successful and more likely to finish[...]

Professional Building Company Vs. DIY

Professional Building Company

Should I enlist the help of a professional building company? All homeowners want to Often homeowners will carry out work in order to freshen up their property before marketing it for sale If this results in a lower offer price or the sale falls through, it could have an effect Be Aware of Your Limitations When DIY work has been carried out successfully, you can feel It’s critical that you employ qualified trades people for certain areas of [...]

Adding Value to your Property

Building Conversions Whether you’re considering moving in the near future or have a long Here we look at the most effective ways of doing so by extending your home or making better Loft Conversions If the space is available in your loft, then this is an ideal location Conservatories When you’re looking to enhance the downstairs living space, a conservatory can be an Garage Conversions Today many garages have become redundant and are simply used for storage rather than Create a Parking Space If you don’t have a garage or it’s used for Whatever type of building work you decide to carry out, it’s important to seek advice from a[...]

Check Roofing Now to Avoid Costly Repairs

Roof Maintenance As the seasons change, it’s important to keep a check on your A period of bad weather, such as heavy winds or rain, could make the situation worse and you Checking Your Roof It’s important to check your roof at least every six months. If You need to carry out a close-up visual check, but you can also keep an eye on While you’re on the roof, you should also check the [...]

The Benefits of a Cloakroom


Cloakroom Installation A cloakroom installation can offer you a practical solution and is more convenient The majority of new-build properties today have at least two bathrooms installed. This doesn’t have to Benefits of a Cloakroom A downstairs toilet or cloakroom can bring a number of benefits to In today’s competitive property market, a cloakroom can make your home more saleable if you’re looking Where to Fit a Cloakroom You can actually fit a useable cloakroom in a much smaller Designing a Cloakroom Building a successful cloakroom is all about researching the products that are available Utilising the corners will free up more space and enable users to move around the room more easily Traditional shower enclosures can take up too much space for a small cloakroom. However, there are benefits to Once the units are installed, how you decorate the room can also make it feel bigger. Opt for Installing a bathroom requires a number of specialist areas, including plumbing and electrics. It’s vital that you[...]

Planning a loft Conversion?

Loft Conversion Properties with a generous roof space can provide plenty of scope for a This gives homeowners additional living space, which you can use to suit your requirements. It could be turned Planning a Conversion For homeowners who don’t want to move or can’t currently The most important part of any conversion Is There Enough Space? This is one of the first questions you should ask if you Schedule The timing of the project will largely depend on the availability of the building contractors Budget When you’re working out the budget for a loft conversion, it’s vital that Installing Windows The windows are an important element of a loft conversion, as these will determine Whatever you want to use your loft conversion for, you need to choose the right company to carry A&J Building are experienced in all aspects of loft conversions, and other property alteration. Call us[...]

The Benefit Of Experience - Fit Out Services

Shopfitting Edinburgh

Shopfitting For the shopfitting advice you can trust, contact the team at A&J   Making the decision to take on retail premises or re-design an existing one is a stressful Benefits of Using a Specialist Service Shopfitting is never going to be particularly cheap, but A specialist shopfitting service can work out to be a Planning Before you start work, you need to look at the space available and how this Look at the Details You should discuss everything that you want included in the shop with Check the Timing The schedule of works is extremely important for any type of retail outlet Keep in Touch It’s vital to keep the lines of communication with your builders open A&J Building have many years of experience in shopfitting. If you are considering taking on a[...]

Check your Plumbing and Heating for the Colder Weather

Plumbing and Heating With the colder weather fast approaching, it’s important to check that This can help to prevent any unnecessary faults during the winter, which could leave you without heating or Set the Water Pressure This is often an area that is overlooked until the boiler Make Sure the Timer Works Most boilers are fitted with a timer system that enables the Bleed the Radiators This is a quick and simple task, but many householders forget that it Exterior Insulation Outdoor pipes can be particularly susceptible to the colder weather. Frozen or burst pipes Book a Boiler Service These checks can all be carried out yourself, but it’s also Even if you follow all these measures, issues with boilers can still arise. It would be beneficial to[...]

The Problem with Damp

Remove Damp The Building Services team at A&J are here to help remove Problems with damp are not just confined to unsightly patches on a property. They can also be a Health Problems There is a range of health issues related to damp in a property Causes of Damp A small area of damp is not necessarily the sign of a bigger Preventing Damp Problems There are simple ways that are effective at preventing the build-up of Ensure that your property is well Do regular checks around the [...]

Building a Conservatory

Building a Conservatory Building a Conservatory with A&J Building services can be a They allow you to appreciate your garden in the warmer weather, and modern conservatories are also lovely and Will a Conservatory Need Planning Permission? Within Scotland, not all conservatories need planning permission. There If a conservatory is not in front of a property’s front elevation, which is the section facing These conditions apply to properties in Scotland, as long as they are not an apartment or flat, you Even for circumstances where no planning permission is needed, you can get a Certificate of Lawfulness from your What to Do If Planning Permission Is Required If you do need to apply for planning Once you have provided all the information and paid the necessary fee, your application should take around six Many property owners have become less cautious about starting building work before they understand the true ramifications. Whether If you'd like advice and guidance on building a conservatory, call A&J Building on [...]

Problems with drainage?

Drainage Solutions A&J are here to help you with drainage solutions before they If water is able to get into the foundations of a property, it could cause serious issues. Sorting Signs of a Problem Look around the exterior of your property at regular intervals to Water Drainage When it has rained particularly heavily, you should see how the water drains through Maintain Guttering As the guttering on a property is generally out of sight, most home owners Left unchecked, drainage problems can become a major and costly inconvenience for home owners. There are usually cheap[...]

Thinking of a Garage Conversion?

If you have an unused garage, a conversion could be the perfect way of gaining some much-needed Is It the Right Choice for Your Home? Converting your garage into living space is What Will You Use the Room For? Garage conversions are especially beneficial if the space is Building and Planning Considerations The majority of garage conversions won’t require formal planning permission, but There are also a number of building factors that you will need to take into account, as these Before you go too far with your conversion, you should speak to A&J Building. We have[...]

Creating an Outdoor Space: The Perfect Patio

Patio Ideas Transform your garden with the help of patio ideas and building service from Choosing the right materials for your patio is an important decision. If you’re making an investment in Stone patios are a good choice, as they can be cost-effective and offer homeowners longevity. Within Sandstone This is a cost-effective choice for patio slabs, which is why it’s one Yorkstone This is a type of sandstone that is native to the UK and provides users Natural Stones Natural flagstones, such as limestone, granite or basalt, are a more costly option. They If you’re thinking about having a new patio, then we can help you create exactly the design Call A&J Building today on [...]

Creating the Perfect Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel Whatever the size of your bathroom, you can still create a relaxing environment By using the right design tips and choosing furniture that suits the style and size of the room Making the Best Use of the Space Having a small bathroom doesn’t have to Clever Storage One of the biggest problems with a small bathroom can be the lack of A Bath or Shower? If lack of space is a major problem, then it can be Bring in the Experts Installing a new bathroom requires a range of different skills, including plumbing The bathroom might be one of the smallest rooms in the house, but by spending a little bit[...]

Make Time for Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance For a property maintenance service that will help to keep your home look Hopefully, the summer is finally on its way and we can start to make the most of the Check Your Roofing The winter storms might have caused more damage than you can see Clear Guttering and Drains Moss, leaves and other debris can build up in gutters and drains Spot Those Leaks Even small leaks in the pipe work can quickly become a major issue A Fresh Coat of Paint The warmer weather is the best time to paint any external Have Your Heating Serviced Your boiler and heating system will have worked hard over the winter Create an Outdoor Space Whatever the size of your garden, you can still manage to fit Taking care of all those little jobs isn’t just about keeping up your property’s appearance. It For help with all of your property[...]

Important Considerations when Planning a House Conversion

House Conversions If you have an unused garage, house conversions from A&J Building Whether you want to use it as a study, a living area or another bedroom, there are plenty Is It the Right Choice for Your Home? Converting your garage into living space is What Will You Use the Room For? Garage conversions are especially beneficial if the space is Building and Planning Considerations The majority of garage conversions won’t require formal planning permission, but There are also a number of building factors that you will need to take into account, as these Before you go too far with your conversion, you should speak to a local qualified builder such as  [...]

Ultimate Shop-fitting Guide

Shopfitting Edinburgh

Shopfitting For the highest quality shopfitting work, carried out with minimum When it comes to carrying out shopfitting work, it’s important that you choose a business you can The values that our Communication Is Key We know that when you’re having any Strong Reputation Within the building trade a company’s reputation is Less Disruption to You The timing of building work is crucial If you need [...]

A Guide to Building an Extension

House Extension Edinburgh Building any house extension can be a complex and costly process, but If you’re considering having an extension built, then there are a number of areas you should think Does an Extension Need The requirements for planning permission can sometimes be confusing, especially if you Applying for Planning Permission It What Is a Building Warrant? [...]

Get the right advice when fixing a roof

At A&J Building, we have the experienced Edinburgh Roofers with the expertise to do able If you require some work completing on your roof, it’s essential that you get advice from the Why Is It Important to Whether you simply need a few tiles replacing or a completely new [...]

Designing the perfect kitchen

Everyone wants the perfect kitchen: that wonderful family space where you can relax, cook delicious

The perfect kitchen can be something that everyone can enjoy and it does not have


Welcome to A&J Building Blog

 Latest News A&J Building are delighted to announce the addition of a new Here we will share our news and view on everything relating to the building trade, as well as With many years of experience in managing building projects, we often help our clients save time and money By creating this blog, we hope to offer that same advice to a wider audience. As this is Call: 01506 437 771 Email: info@ajbpm.com or, follow us  [...]